Maintaining exceptional client service through our commitment to excellence in communication, reporting and safety is just one of the ways Chinook differentiates itself from the competition. Over the years we developed an outstanding product through proven processes.

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Our consultants understand the importance of communication with all involved personnel along established protocol and command chains, including:

  • Daily reporting (operations reports, logs, data files) as requested
  • Safety summary
  • Reservoir evaluation
  • Communication of issues and deviations from prog
  • Receiving instructions and disseminating according to protocol
On site:
  • Multi-disciplinary teams working toward the same goal: a successful well
  • Drilling supervisor/coordinator: Communicate geological requirements, receive drilling operations updates and alerts about drilling challenges and restrictions
  • Directional driller and MWD operator: Communicate targets, supervise data stream, communicate interpretation of data
  • DST/coring personnel: Communicate requirements, QC operations, collect data
  • Wireline loggers: Communicate program requirements, QC logs, collect data


Our wellsite geologists provide comprehensive reports, using consistent formats, along established requirement guidelines, including:

  • Daily reports: Striplogs, operations reports, data files, cuttings photos
  • Special geological operations reports: Coring reports, wireline logging reports, DST reports, special sampling reports
  • Final reports: Striplogs, final geological reports, data files, digital photos



All our subcontractors have valid and up-to-date safety tickets (H2S Alive, First Aid/CPR, WHMIS, TDG) and are trained on proper job safety protocol, including:

  • Personal protective equipment (PPE): Fire retardant coveralls with reflective stripes; top impact hard hat with inside suspension system type I, class B; steel toed boots; goggles/safety glasses with side protection; rubber-lined gloves for work with oil based products, etc.
  • Cuttings sample preparation equipment with safety protection
  • Operator procedures and protocols: Established travel protocol, HSE requirements, and reporting of safety hazards and environmental concerns
  • Wellsite geologists: Set alarms for high gas and other critical parameters

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