Environmental Impact

We understand that businesses have an impact on the environments and communities in which they operate. At Chinook Consulting, we strive to build a socially responsible business, in which environmental and economic factors are balanced and harmonized.

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Commitment to Safety

At Chinook Consulting, it is our policy that health and safety will not be compromised. Our commitment to occupational health, safety and environmental excellence is one of our core values and a key aspect of our management philosophy. We are committed to a working environment where no one gets hurt and nothing gets harmed, and all representatives of Chinook have valid H2S, First Aid and WHMIS certifications.

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Community Investment

Chinook Consulting is proud to support the communities in which we live and conduct our business through donations, sponsorships and volunteerism. We are committed to helping develop and sustain our local communities with contributions to not-for-profit organisations supporting health and wellness, education, health and safety, and the environment.

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Less Driving

We use a local workforce as much as possible to reduce the number of logged kilometers to and from wellsite locations. In particular, we strive to use Saskatchewan residents for Bakken projects, and British Columbia geologists for BC Montney projects. Fewer logged driving hours also reduces the risk of accidents. In addition, our remote geosteering programs reduce the number of people at the wellsite, leading to less exposure to hazards and fewer vehicles on the road.

Less Paper

We have reduced the amount of paper used company-wide by going digital whenever possible. This includes:

  • A drive to eliminate paper wireline logs at wellsite, while using portable document printouts and file sharing platforms instead
  • Daily reports sent by email and/or sharing platforms
  • All final report drafts are copy-edited and submitted for approval electronically
  • Many files, such as sample photos and additional logs are only submitted digitally, avoiding the need for environmentally heavy printouts