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Our wellsite geologists and drilling consultants have worked throughout Western Canada, Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. Centered in Western Canada, our expertise reaches far beyond the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin. From Deep Basin to the plains, the Foothills of Alberta to Australia, steam-assisted heavy oil recovery to offshore gas wells, our team has experience in a wealth of applications around the world. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your operation.

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  • Shale gas wells: Duvernay, Montney, Doig, Horn River, Nordegg, Exshaw, Second White Specks, Besa River
  • Deep Basin multi-zone gas wells: Cardium, Dunvegan, Wilrich, Falher, Cadomin, Nikanassin, Doig Montney
  • Canadian Rockies Foothills gas wells
  • Thermal oil delineation: McMurray, Wabiskaw, Clearwater, Grand Rapids, Grosmont, Waseca, Cummings, Lloydminster
  • Thermal oil development (SAGD, CSS): McMurray, Clearwater, Wabiskaw, Grand Rapids, Lloydminster, Waseca, Cummings, Bluesky
  • Cold flow heavy oil: Wabiskaw, Bluesky, Lloydminster, Clearwater, Cummings, Success, Mclaren, GP, Sparky
  • Tight oil resource plays: Bakken, Viking, Cardium, Shaunavon, Wilrich, Glauconitic, Basal Quartz, Swan Hills
  • Tight gas and condensate plays: Falher, Wilrich, Notikewin, Montney, Glauconitic, Viking, Second White Specks

United States

  • Louisiana: Conventional oil – Cockfield
  • New Mexico/Colorado, San Juan Basin – Mancos
  • North Dakota: tight oil – Bakken
  • Ohio: carbonates – Mount Simon
  • Texas: shale gas – Barnett, Eagle Ford
  • Texas: shale oil – Wolfcamp, Spraberry


  • Albania: Heavy oil development
  • Albania: Gas exploration
  • Algeria: Conventional oil and gas
  • Algeria: Drilling and completions consulting
  • Algeria: Geoscience and engineering consulting
  • Australia: Coal seam gas exploration and delineation
  • Australia: Coal seam horizontal multilateral development
  • Brunei: Conventional oil exploration
  • Colombia: Conventional oil exploration
  • France: Unconventional gas exploration
  • Oman: Carbonate oil exploration
  • Qatar: Carbonate gas exploration
  • Romania: Shallow gas exploration and development
  • Suriname: Offshore oil and gas exploration
  • Tunisia: Conventional oil exploration
  • Tanzania: Conventional gas exploration
  • Ukraine: Conventional gas exploration and development