Basin and play analysis

Studies are performed by a technical team with over 50 years of cumulative experience in domestic and international geological and geophysical exploration, using state of the art interpretation and analytics software.

  • Basin Analytics
  • Reservoir Evaluation
  • Prospect Generation
  • Technical Studies
  • Regional and Pool Geomodeling

Reservoir Evaluation

  • Building the integrated geological model
  • Porosity and saturation estimation
  • Reservoir Quality evaluation
  • Resource quantification

All available information is integrated to quantitatively and qualitatively characterize the reservoir, that may include:

  • Petrophysical analysis of well logs
  • Petrographical descriptions of cores and cuttings
  • Porosity and permeability, SCAL data
  • Reservoir fluid saturation and composition
  • Thermal maturity
  • Production tests, DST and Bottomhole test results
  • Integration of seismic data

Prospect Generation

  • Outlining reservoir extent and quality based on seismic data, well logs and production history
  • Identifying opportunities and bypassed pay
  • Uncertainty assessment, risk vs opportunity
  • Reservoir engineering (EOR potential, reserve and resource evaluation)
  • Field development studies

Basin Analytics

Our team provides basin and play analytic geoscience studies, both exclusive and multi-client case studies, for Canadian, US (Lower 48) and international areas.

  • Key horizon GG&E interpretation with grids as required
  • Integration of key play specific data (TOC, Tmax, Hi), gas composition
  • EUR and cost analysis
  • Regional analysis of development and exploration upside identification
  • Statistical relationship of technical and financial performance




  • Seismic interpretation using multiple software platforms (Seisware, Transform)
  • Modelling
  • AVO Analysis
  • Acquisition Program Design and management