The Chinook team is comprised of more than 130 top geologists and engineers with experience working in Canada, USA, South America, the Middle East, Europe, North Africa, Australia and beyond.

With vast cumulative experience covering the entire Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin—from faulted gas reservoirs in the Rocky Mountain Foothills to heavy oil plays in Northeastern Alberta and Saskatchewan—our consultants are there when you need them.

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Chinook team


Team Experience

Members of the Chinook Team have vast experience in Canadian basins and throughout the world; onshore and offshore; on vertical, deviated and horizontal wells; from wildcat exploration to large scale field developments. While most jobs are oil and gas related, our team has solid experience in mining and geothermal applications as well.

Experience in WCSB

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Our experience

Leadership Team

Jayson Walmsley, B.Sc.

President / CEO
Work: 403-242-1522
Cell: 403-620-4375
Email: jayson.walmsley@chinookconsulting.ca

Marius Simon, B.Sc.

VP Operations and Business Development
Work: 403-242-1522

Cell: 403-880-5070
Email: marius.simon@chinookconsulting.ca

Calin Dragoie, M.Sc., P.Geol.

VP Geoscience
Work: 403-242-1522
Cell: 403-852-4586
Email: calin.dragoie@chinookconsulting.ca

Jon Horner, B.Sc., P.Geo.

Manager Operations
Work: 403-242-1522
Cell: 403-807-8595
Email: jon.horner@chinookconsulting.ca