East Duvernay Shale Basin

Devonian Duvernay Formation, East Shale Basin, Alberta Summary The East Shale Basin of Alberta is located geographically in the Three Hills and the Ponoka/Gull Lake area, with recent activity mainly found within the strike areas of Joffre, Morningside and Huxley. The East Shale Basin (ESB) has seen a flurry of recent activity since 2016 following […]

Technological Approach in Resource Plays

The aptly titled “shale revolution” is changing the energy production landscape in North America one resource play at the time.  The potent combination of horizontal drilling and multi-stage fracking is unlocking oil and gas reserves around the continent.  Faced with dwindling recoverable reserves in mature basins, explorers and producers are using technological advances to extract […]

AAPG ACE Convention 2018

AAPG Annual Convention and Exhibition ACE 2018 – Salt Lake City We are pleased to be part of AAPG ACE 2018 again this year. The conference is hosted by the Utah Geological Association. Chinook Consulting will be on the exhibit floor at the Salt Palace Convention Center in Salt Lake City, Utah at booth 801 […]

McMurray Oil Saturation

Have you ever wondered what rich McMurray oil saturation looks like at the shaker and in cuttings? See a short video of heavy oil saturated McMurray sand on the shale shakers:    

GeoConvention 2018

Joint CSPG-CWLS-CSEG Convention: GeoConvention 2018 We are pleased to be part of GeoConvention 2018 again this year. Chinook Consulting will be on the exhibit floor at the TELUS Convention Centre at booth 218 from Monday, May 7th to Wednesday, May 9th. Register at the link below for a Free Exhibit Hall Pass. We look forward to […]

SAGD and Heavy Oil Development

Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD) and Cyclic Steam Stimulation (CSS) SAGD/CSS is an unconventional resource development that is widely used to extract bitumen from underground oil sands deposits. These methods involve injecting steam into sub-surface oil sands deposits to heat the bitumen locked in the sand, thereby lowering the viscosity allowing it to flow and to be extracted. In […]

Geosteering in the WCSB

What Works, What Doesn’t Not all plays are equally suitable for a geosteering approach. While geosteering is the preferred method of reservoir navigation in unconventional shale and siltstone reservoirs, the approach is also used in conventional tight oil and gas clastic resource plays, as well as in some heavy oil plays and carbonate reservoirs. This […]

Drilling Optimization Approach

At Chinook Consulting Services we define Drilling Optimization as: Constructing a well that meets all objectives, for both reservoir access and data gathering, at the lowest possible cost and/or time without compromising HS&E or wellbore quality   In order to meet this objective, we believe that the most two main areas focus should be: Borehole […]

Drilling activity in the world

Rig activity throughout the regions of the world changes daily and with it changes the amount of services needed for the oil and gas industry. Rig counts throughout history and the world varied widely, between 6000 in 1981 and 1100 in 1999. Reasons for wild swings in rig utilization are numerous, among them political, technological, […]

Technologies and Geology

Undoubtedly new technologies drive development of resources plays and have spurred a new stage of exploration in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin. Engineering based plays place emphasis on drilling and completion techniques, but achieving desired production benefits substantially from improved understanding of reservoir geometry and mechanics, enhanced modelling of the producing formation and ideal placement […]