Drilling Optimization Approach

At Chinook Consulting Services we define Drilling Optimization as:

Constructing a well that meets all objectives, for both reservoir access and data gathering, at the lowest possible cost and/or time without compromising HS&E or wellbore quality


In order to meet this objective, we believe that the most two main areas focus should be:

  • Borehole quality
  • Eliminating the Invisible Lost Time (ILT)


Our optimization process has a holistic approach of the drilling planning and process that includes the technical limit and technology implementation, resulting in a proposed drilling system that it is Fit for Purpose for our Client’s application.

By applying our unique optimization systems we are able to identify the Valid Range with the Current Technology but also are the New Technologies readily available to be implemented.

Borehole Quality

As our industry moved towards horizontal drilling, the borehole quality was a major factor in reducing the well cost.  By maintaining the borehole as close as possible to the bit diameter several advantages can be observed:

  • Better directional control will minimize borehole tortuosity and allow better tool-face control
  • Reduced Torque and Drag will reduce trip time and decrease casing installation time
  • Reduce cement quantities and achieve better cementation
  • More accurate logging data gathering
  • Better fracing realization in cemented casing applications

Eliminating the Invisible Lost Time

During planning, most of the NPT (Non-Productive Time) is easily identifiable from the Daily Drilling Reports.  The challenging part is to identify the Invisible Lost Time (ILT).  The ILT can have many components, including:

  • Low ROP due to incorrect bit selection, BHA design and/or drilling parameters
  • Unmitigated drilling dysfunctions (vibrations) that can lead to low ROP and/or downhole tool failures
  • Borehole instability due to incorrect drilling fluid selections or rheological properties
  • Hole cleaning issues that can lead to additional back-reaming trips or circulating hours
Drilling Services
Drilling Services

Razvan Sima

Posted On:
March 28, 2018

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