Conference: GeoConvention 2021

Joint CSPG-CWLS-CSEG Convention:
GeoConvention 2021

GeoConvention 2021

The GeoConference will take place September 13th to 15th in a virtual setting.

Register at the link below

Geoconvention 2021

The conference is organized and endorsed by the following organizations:

  • Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists (CSPG)
  • Canadian Society of Exploration Geophysicsits (CSEG)
  • Canadian Well Logging Society (CWLS)

Conference Website: geoconvention.com

Visit us at our virtual booth to catch up and see what’s new and exciting with Chinook Consulting

GeoConference 2021 Updates

  • Jan 2: Abstract deadline: April 30, 2021
  • April 30: Abstract deadline postponed to May 10, 2020
  • May 28: Registration open (Early bird deadline: August 6)

Geoconvention 2021 Registration

  • July 25: Booth set-up and design finalized
  • August 1: Calin Dragoie will present a talk in the “Advancement in operations” Session, taking place Wednesday, September 15 Afternoon, entitled “Survey Uncertainty and Implications for Development with Horizontal Wells “
  • August 15: Chinook will take the stage in the GeoGather virtual meeting place on Monday, September 13 at 12PM, with a talk about “Large project setup and analytics in Starsteer – A Python driven workflow”
  • August 19: Chinook confirmed presence as exhibitor at the in-person Icebreaker event taking place before the conference, on Friday, September 10th on the Marriott Downtown Rooftop patio.
  • August 30: Chinook confirms sponsorship of the “Diagenesis of shale and tight reservoirs” session, happening Tuesday Morning, September 14
  • September 10: Pre-conference Icebreaker Networking event
Icebreaker Networking Reception
  • September 15: “Survey Uncertainty and Implications for Development with Horizontal Wells ” presentation in the Advancement in operations” Session
GeoConvention-Presentation in Operations Session
GeoConvention-Presentation in Operations Session

2020 Virtual GeoConvention Highlights

A total of 1525 geoscientists attended the convention (1173 delegates and 353 exhibit visitors). 68 companies set up virtual exhibits, a 70% drop over last year’s in-person convention. Most attendees were representing E&P Companies (39%), followed by Service providers and independent consultants (14% each). Most attendees were Geologists, followed by Geophysicists and Engineers. Over 25 countries were represented at the convention.

There were 428 oral presentations and 144 posters presented at GeoConvention in 2020,a 154% and respectively 138% increase over last year. The online presentations were structured in 85 sessions, 20 of them broadcast live.

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Other Events

Chinook will participate in various capacities at events throughout the year. Please see our list of events of 2021:

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September 16, 2021

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