Procedure for travelling to and from wellsite

Travel constitutes the most hazardous part of any remote oil and gas job. Contractors should follow the following protocol while travelling to and from drilling rigs or remote locations.

Download Travel Procedure

Communication Protocol

Communicate with Chinook Headquarters via email to or use Moonrock TRIP module.

Always CC your operator contact

Before departing

As soon as a departure date is established, send an email detailing the following items (or save and start your journey on Monnrock TRIP):

  1. Traveler name and cell phone number
  2. Destination (well name and rig number)
  3.  Probable journey start (travel day and time)
  4. Expected travel time (hours)
  5. Expected road conditions
  6. Approximate route
  7. Probable job duration (days)
  8. Driver Emergency contact name and number
After arriving at jobsite

After arriving at the wellsite, send another email confirming your arrival (or close your journey on Moonrock TRIP). It should contain the following items:

  1. Well name
  2. Confirm safe travel and arrival at wellsite
  3. Arrival date and time
  4. Rig operation at time of arrival
Before leaving the jobsite

After the job is done, before leaving the jobsite, send an email containing the following information (or start your return journey on Moonrock TRIP):

  1. Well name
  2. Job actual duration (start date, end date)
  3. Probable journey start (travel day and time)
  4. Expected travel time (hours)
  5. Approximate route
  6. Expected road conditions
  7. Driver Emergency contact name and number
Arriving home

After arriving home send another email (or close your journey on Moonrock TRIP) containing:

  1. Well name
  2. Confirmation of safe arrival

Follow Work Alone Procedure

nder normal circumstances, no Chinook Consulting Services subcontractor should find themselves working on a well site alone. If for any reason a Contractor should find themselves on a location alone, the Contractor should inform the office immediately of the situation. The only other time when a Chinook Consulting Services subcontractor will be working alone is while driving. All contractors should call/email the office when leaving home to go to a location. They should then again make contact with the office once arriving on location or stopping for the night. All contractors leaving the public road system and entering onto a private road system (i.e. logging road or radio controlled road), should be equipped with a two way radio.

Never venture to isolated spots on location. When on or around the rig, inform the driller of your whereabouts. When leaving location for any reason, inform the Prime Contractor’s representative


Follow general road safety rules
  1. Always use seatbelt
  2. Never speed
  3. Drive preferably during daylight
  4. Never use cell phones while driving (except with single button operated Bluetooth systems). If you need to take or make a call, stop at a designated rest area/service area before picking up the phone.
  5. Absolutely no texting/emailing while driving
  6. Zero drug/alcohol tolerance.