COVID-19 Pandemic

The safety of our clients, employees, contractors and service providers is paramount.
Chinook Consulting is actively monitoring the outbreak of a novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and will continue to provide regular updates.
Our Covid-19 policy outlines procedures and conditions for pre-access to work sites and office premises.

Covid-19 response

Please fill in the form below before accessing Chinook Office or other locations.


#NOTE: Failure to respond truthfully to any of the questions on this form is grounds for removal from any work site serviced by Chinook Consulting.

#NOTE: Close contact definition:

  1. Providing care for the individual, including health care workers, family members or other caregivers, or who had other similar close physical contact with the person without consistent and appropriate use of personal protective equipment OR
  2. Living with or otherwise had close prolonged contact (within 2 meters) with the person while the person was infectious with any respiratory illness OR
  3. Having direct contact with infectious bodily fluids of the person (ex: was coughed or sneezed on) while not wearing recommended personal protective equipment