Ongoing Projects: Alternative Energy and Technology

A list of recent and ongoing clean tech projects in Western Canada

This post lists renewable and alternative energy projects that were built, are under constructions or are proposed in Western Canada. As a service provider to the upstream oil and gas industry, we find multiple applications of our skill and technology in clean tech and emerging industries.


  • Eavor Technologies: Eavor-Loop systems based on completed Eavor-Lite demonstration project in Rocky Mountain House, AB
  • Terrapin: Alberta No. 1 project by Grande Prairie, AB
  • Borealis Geopower: developments proposed in Valemount, BC and Fort Liard, NWT
  • DEEP: Ongoing development with doublets in Estevan, SK
  • Deh Tai GP: Re-purposing of a depleted gas field for geothermal energy extraction in Fort Nelson, BC
  • Epoch Energy: proposed geothermal district heating in Hinton, AB


  • E3 Metals: Lithium production from Leduc Formation brine in Central Alberta, using proprietary and commercial processes for enrichment and upgrading
  • Prairie Lithium: direct Lithium extraction from brine aquifers in the Williston basin of South-Eastern Saskatchewan.
  • Summit Nanotech: Direct Lithium Extraction (DLE) technology utilizing interconnected modules using nanopourous membranes for specific filtration techniques


  • Proton Technologies: clean hydrogen production utilizing oxygen injection and semipermeable filters in existing elevated temperature petroleum reservoirs in West-Central Saskatchewan

Carbon sequestration and storage

  • Alberta carbon trunk line: CO2 captured at the Sturgeon Refinery and the Nutrien Redwater fertilizer plant East of Edmonton is transported hundreds of kilometres and pumped underground in depleted oil reservoirs. Plate capacity is 14.6 million tonnes of CO2 per year, which is the equivalent of capturing CO2 from more than 2 million cars per year.
  • Shell Canada Quest Project: captures CO2 from Shell’s Scotford upgrader and transports it 65 km north and stores it in geological formations 2 km underground.
  • Whitecap: Carbon dioxide captured from the Boundary Dam Power Station in Estevan, SK and coal gasification projects in North Dakota are liquefied and injected in geological formations near Weyburn, SK for increased production utilizing a CO2 flood.


  • Razor Energy: heat exchange from water co-produced with oil, augmented with heat from natural gas power generation in Swan Hills, Alberta
  • Suncor: two co-generation units to replace coke-fired boilers, reducing the greenhouse gas emission by 25%, sulphur dioxide emissions by 45% and nitrogen oxide emissions by 15%.
  • Various small scale natural gas generators are used to generate heat for warming along with electricity
Natural gas generator: electricity and heat co-generation

Chinook Services

Chinook offers several services tailored to the renewable energy industry:


Chinook is a member of several organizations with a focus on clean technology: CanGEA, Geothermal Canada, CSPG, CGEF

Calin Dragoie

Posted On:
November 8, 2020

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