Core Logging Services

Petrographic and sedimentologic description and interpretation of oil sands and oil carbonates cores for detailed delineation of thermal development projects.

  • Depth correction and correlation
  • Petrographic description of cores
  • Select sample points for additional analyses
  • Digital photography
  • Digital data sets


  • Visual QC of core (correct orientation and consecutive order)
  • Identify lithofacies (approved facies scheme, grain size, sorting, primary lithology and depositional environment)
  • Depth Correction (core photos to wireline logs)
  • Detailed Petrographical Core Description
    • Geological features
    • Sedimentary structures
    • Ichnological observations
    • Minerals and organic material
  • Integration of Drilling Information
  • Choosing sample points for analyses
  • Interpretation
  • Advanced core logging software

Laboratory Analyses

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