The Chinook team offers a wide range of geological services for upstream oil & gas operators, including wellsite supervision, reservoir studies, geochemical analysescoring supervision, petrographic studies, core logging, mud logging and operations geology. All services are performed by experienced geologists who have worked throughout Western Canada, North America, Europe, North Africa, the Middle East and many other regions of the world. From the Foothills of Alberta to the North Sea, the Deep Basin to shallow heavy oil wells and oil carbonates, and steam assisted heavy oil recovery to shale gas wells, we have the experience you need. Our expert team specialises in a large variety of applications, including vertical, directional and horizontal wells, with conventional, invert or underbalanced mud systems, using conventional, slant or coil tubing drilling rigs.

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Field Services

Geological Wellsite supervision

Cuttings sample preparation, description, logging, analysis and interpretation, directional drilling and MWD/LWD supervision, mud logging and gas detection supervision, special geological operations supervision (DST, coring, wireline logging), comprehensive reporting and client communication


Continuous supervision of drilling operations, continuous assessment of the stratigraphic location of the drill bit in real time, correlation of drilling, MWD/LWD and mud gas parameters throughout the wellbore and against offsetting wells profiles, use of offset well information to optimally land the build section, utilizing TVD logs with cross plot of offset data, continuous monitoring and critical evaluation of the wellpath inclination and azimuth in relation to stratigraphic markers and porosity windows, continuous communication with directional driller to make proactive wellpath adjustments ensuring wellbore placement remains within the acceptable stratigraphic window, proactive evaluation of wellpath position in relation to existing and planned wellbores, reservoir navigation

Coring supervision

Coring coordination, core recovery supervision, labeling and shipping, core description

Geothermal Geology

Geoscience and engineering services for geothermal development projects, including wellsite geology, remote geosteering, drilling and completions services


Deployment of gas detectors to determine the quantity and character of hydrocarbons released from drilling fluid at the shakers


Project management, oilfield roles, drilling solutions and integrated services

Reservoir Studies and Lab Services

Reservoir Evaluation

Basin analytics, reservoir evaluation, log analysis, prospect generation, technical studies, regional and pool geomodeling, geophysical evaluation

Remote Geosteering

Remote geosteering is used to drill horizontal wells in large resource plays tapping reservoirs with monotonous lithology (silt and shale) with good well control and existing in-depth knowledge of reservoir characteristic from previously drilled stratigraphic wells


XRD, XRF and FTIR analysis providing quantitative analysis of drill cuttings and core for exploratory investigations, regional framework studies, drilling and completions optimization, field and reservoir evaluation, development, and management


Petrography striplogs, identification of petrographic features, reservoir evaluation, digital photography and data exports

Core Logging

From depth corrections to analysis point selection, throuogh petrographic and sedimentologic description and interpretation of oil sands and oil carbonates cores for detailed delineation of thermal development projects.


Geoscience and engineering services for geothermal development projects, including geosteering, drilling and completions engineering, reservoir evaluation, geochemistry and lab services

Geoscience Support

Technical Support to fully evaluate value, reserve and resource potential of acquisitions, farm-ins, joint venture opportunities and international bid rounds.

Operations geology

Project management for multi-well programs, pre-spud preparations, post drilling sample preparation, storage and dispatch, remote geosteering and re-steering, project statistics and analyses

Laboratory Services

Grain Size Analyses, stacked sieves, petrographic point count (reflected light or thin sections), petrographic analyses, core logging, core descriptions, cuttings petrography (reflected light and thin sections), geochemical analyses

Project Management

Identifying solutions for project execution, regulatory pre-spud documentation, cross-checking safety compliance for project personnel, lining up third party equipment and supplies


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