Wellsite Geology and Geosteering combination

Tailored to specific plays and reservoirs, we provide active on-site geosteering based on individual parameters or a combination of parameters, including:

  • Cuttings samples (lithology, porosity, fossils)
  • MWD/LWD parameters (gamma, resistivity)
  • Mud gas response and gas chromatography ratios
  • Proximity data (ranging)
  • Geochemical data/analysis

On-site geosteerers combine reservoir navigation using specialized correlation software with petrographic analyses of drill cuttings, geochemical sampling and direct supervision of geoscience related services (mudlogging, wireline logging, testing, coring).

On-site geology Lab
On-site Geology Laboratory

The combination of drill cuttings information and use of specialized correlation software allow for precise and confident navigation of reservoirs, even ones with lateral variability components or distance to boundary considerations. On-site geosteering generally combines multiple techniques, from grain size, sorting, oil stain, porosity and permeability observations, to hybrid geo-model and stratigraphic based correlation, use of geomodel surfaces and grid slices along the wellbore, resistivity inversion correlation and geochemical analysis of drill cuttings.


The service is successfully used in drilling of horizontal wells in formations with lateral variability where reservoir quality is determined from drill cuttings observations.

The approach is most suitable for drilling multilateral wells in thin zones, wells targeting formations with heterogenous or laterally variable lithology or any other horizontal development of plays where petrographic observations offer valuable insight into the drilled reservoir.

Hybrid geosteering

By using cloud-based collaboration spaces and real-time data acquisition, on-site geologists share petrographic and geosteering observations while the well is being drilled.

Deployment of specialized software, collaborative cloud platforms and real-time data acquisition, interpretation and sharing augment the value of this approach.

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