Chinook Consulting assists oil and gas companies with operations preparation, coordination and management. Services provided by our operations geologists include:

  • Project management for multi-well programs
  • Pre-spud preparations
  • Post drilling sample preparation, storage and dispatch
  • Remote geosteering and re-steering
  • Project statistics and analyses

Project management

Let our dedicated operations geologists keep your project on track by:

  • Organizing rotation schedules for long-term projects
  • Lining up qualified geologists for multi-personnel projects
  • Cross-checking safety compliance for project geologists
  • Enforcing procedures and protocols for multi-well projects
  • Journey management for remote and overseas jobs
  • Continuous quality control of daily reports and field updates
  • Geological field coordination of multi-rig, multi-personnel projects

Pre-spud preparations

Our operations geologists can assist operators with a wide range of administrative issues related to wellsite geology and petrography matters, including:

  • Ordering drill cuttings supplies (bags and vials, washing solutions, etc.)
  • Printing offset packages
  • Pre-licensing regulatory reports
  • Cross-checking safety compliance for project geologists
  • Lining up third party equipment
    • Gas detectors (total gas, chromatographs, spectrographs and iso-tubes)
    • Cuttings collection and preparation equipment (sample catching, sample washing)
    • Geochemistry analysis devices (XRF, XRD, QRF, sieve analysis, etc.)
    • Other consumables for sampling (iso-tubes, geo-jars, mud sampling bottles, etc.)
    • Two-way radios, boosters, beacons and other safety equipment

Post drilling operations

After drilling, our operations geologists can ensure all samples are properly prepared for analysis. This includes:

  • Cuttings sample washing, vialing and shipping
  • Core and cuttings storage
  • Organizing petrographic analysis of core, cuttings and thin sections
  • Shipping special samples to laboratories (iso-tubes, geo-jars, mud samples, bulk samples) for further investigation
  • Geochemical analyses of samples collected while drilling or production

Steering interpretation and analytics

  • Geosteering analyses of wellpath, in/out of zone statistics, structural data exports
  • Directional drilling analytics
  • Integration of geosteering and geochemistry results

Geosteering Services