Chinook Consulting assists oil and gas companies operating internationally in finding qualified personnel, and identifying high quality services and products. Our company specializes in recruiting qualified personnel for:

  • Project management
  • Oilfield roles
  • Drilling solutions and integrated services.

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Project Management

Our sub-contractors are experienced in coordinating multi-personnel projects.

  • Identifying solutions for project execution
  • Regulatory pre-spud documentation
  • Cross-checking safety compliance for project personnel
  • Lining up third party equipment and supplies

Oilfield Personnel

A competent team is essential to safe and efficient oilfield operations. Let our experienced team find the right oilfield personnel for your job, including:

  • Field coordinators and supervisors
  • Oil and gas engineers (drilling engineers, production engineers, reservoir engineers, completion engineers)
  • Technical personnel
  • Geoscientists (geomodelers, geophysicists, petrophysicists)
  • Wellsite geologists and mudloggers
  • Petrographers and lab technicians

Integrated Services

We also provide a wide range of integrated services to international operators, including:

  • Job planning, execution and quality assurance
  • Engineering
  • Safety training
  • Technical training
  • Logistics
  • Wireline logging and perforating supervision
  • Reservoir testing supervision
  • Reservoir stimulation supervision
  • Environmental assessment and environmental management
  • Data management