Asset Aquisition, Farm-in and JV Evaluation Support

Chinook Consulting Services provides the necessary expertise and technical skills required to fully evaluate value, reserve and resource potential of potential acquisitions, Farm-ins, Joint Venture opportunities and international bid rounds.  In addition, the Chinook Consulting Services team can facilitate in the review tender documents, negotiations and construct necessary work programmes aligned and tailored to each project.



  • Evaluate potential acquisitions, Farm-ins, Joint Venture opportunities and international bid rounds
    • Value
    • Reserve
    • Resource potential
  • Facilitate and review tender documents
  • Assist in negotiations
  • Build exploration and development programmes
  • Assess data rooms
    • Review technical information
    • Reserve estimation
  • Technical studies for unconventional plays or conventional settings
  • Reservoir modeling
    • Reserves quantification
    • Resource potential
    • Risks and uncertainties


Chinook Consulting Services integrated team of experienced and efficient geologists, geophysicists and engineers can attend domestic and international data rooms to in order to review technical information and a provide an opinion of third-party reserve estimations in a cost-effective manner.

Production history

Chinook Consulting Services provides bespoke technical studies in a wide variety of complex geologic basins, reservoir and play types in both unconventional and conventional settings.

Geological correlation

Chinook Consulting Services utilizes the latest geologic and geophysical software in order to provide to the client the most accurate reservoir understanding and to quantify and communicate reserve and resource potential with associated risks and uncertainties.

Chinooks team of professional geoscientists and engineers have extensive oil and gas industry experience in more than 20 countries and 30 basins worldwide.