Reservoir Navigation With Resistivity Forward Modeling

A workflow for geosteering thermal oil sands development wells Chinook is one of the more active services companies in Canadian thermal oil sands developments. Services provided include wellsite geology, coring supervision, core logging, geochemical analysis and now also geosteering, performed remotely and in the field. Since the launch of capable geosteering software packages ten years […]

Webinar: Geosteering with resistivity forward modeling

A workflow for navigating thermal oil sands wells Resistivity geosteering has been on our radar for some time. With ROGII releasing a resistivity forward modeling module as part of Starsteer, the use of resistivity for geosteering complex reservoirs such as the McMurray became applicable for operators and third party service providers such as Chinook. We […]

SAGD and Heavy Oil Development

Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD) and Cyclic Steam Stimulation (CSS) SAGD/CSS is an unconventional resource development that is widely used to extract bitumen from underground oil sands deposits. These methods involve injecting steam into sub-surface oil sands deposits to heat the bitumen locked in the sand, thereby lowering the viscosity allowing it to flow and to be extracted. In […]