Traditional Art

Chinook is proud to announce collaboration with traditional artist Mulidzas Curtis Wilson. Curtis designs elements of the chinookpetroleum.com website in the traditional West Coast Ligwilda’xw style.

Mulidzas is the traditional name handed to Curtis Wilson during a family Potlatch held in 2001. Curtis was born, raised and currently lives in Campbell River. His family comes from the four corners of the Kwakwaka’wakw territory: Axwamees (Wakeman Sound), Wei Wai Kai (Cape Mudge), Ba’as (Blunden Harbour) and Wei Wai Kum (Campbell River). Curtis utilizes many of the techniques and styles from each of his ancestors and relatives in his carvings, drawings and artistic creations. In learning the old styles of his grandfather and the new styles of his uncles and cousins, Curtis continues to develop a unique style of his own.

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Traditional Symbols



The Sea Otter symbolizes resourcefulness, friendship and peace. In West Coast legends, Otter is the giver of great fortunes and a protector of family. The Otter is emphatic, graceful, happy and has infinite curiosity. 

We associate the Otter with our Geoscience Services, due to the continuous innovations and advances pursued and achieved in this domain.



The Raven is the cultural focus of Northwest Coast People. The Raven symbolizes creation and knowledge, as well as transformation. The Raven is a long distance healer and a revealer of truth.

We associate the Raven to our Geosteering Services, due to the remote access and transformative approach of this service.



In Native American tradition, the Beaver symbolizes the ability to be productive and to expand one’s options through determination and use of all available resources. The Beaver is a builder, a creator and a hard worker that cooperates with others in harmony to see the job done.

We associate the Beaver with our Drilling and Completions Services, due to the complex nature and collaborative approach of the well building process.

Calin Dragoie

Posted On:
November 4, 2018

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