Emerging Clearwater Play in North-Central Alberta

Controls on Productivity
A Comprehensive Play Study

The emerging play in the Lower Cretaceous Clearwater and Spirit River Formations in central Alberta, Canada continues to draw attention and capital based on early production results, it’s competitiveness and perceived scalability. Average production from this interval has grown ~ 70% year over year based on sustainable production rates and subsequent return on investment.

Chinook Consulting Services provides an in-depth data analysis through 70+ years cumulative experience in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin providing professional and tailored reservoir evaluations.

Chinook is building a cost effective, detailed subsurface picture to understand and evaluate exploration opportunities, M&A activity, land sales and to benchmark performance against offset operators.

In this study we analyze the Albian reservoirs in Central Alberta, Canada, which produce oil and gas from clastic sediments of the Clearwater and Spirit River Formations. We employed a systematic approach to the integration of core data and petrophysical log data to gain a clear definition of the subsurface. Core analysis was used to create an internal stratigraphic correlation within the stacked estuarine sandstone bodies of the Clearwater and Spirit River Groups. Petrophysical log analysis was used for the identification of fluid contacts, estimation of saturations and porosity, mineral identification. Where available, reflection seismic imaging attribute analysis was integrated into the geologic model.

  • Interpreted Tops
    • Breakout of Key Lithofacies
  • Regional maps
    • TVD, Subsea, Isopach, AVG GR, AVG Resistivity, AVG RHOB, AVG DPHI,  Effective Porosity
    • Mineralogy: VCLAY, VSS, VLS
  • Derived Petrophysical Curves
    • Water Saturation, Hydrocarbon Pore Volume, Bulk volume water
    • Normalized curves: GR, Neutron porosity
    • Mineralogy: VClay, VQTZ, VLS
  • Integration of core measurements
    • Porosity, Permeability, Mineralogy
  • Additional Services
    • Integration of Nutech Petrophysical Analysis
    • Data Analytics and Visualization
    • Legacy Well Performance
    • Seismic 2D/3D integration
    • XRD/XRF of key cored wells

The methodology includes seismic characterization parameters such as amplitude, wavelet characterization, attribute analysis pre-stack fracture analysis and mineralogy through x-ray diffraction and X-ray fluorescence. Core calibrated petrophysical log characterization was provided by NuTech and the output parameters include, effective porosity, BVI, free water, hydrocarbon pore volume, clay volume, and permeability.  

Post-drilling geosteering analysis is used to quantify formation penetration and reservoir quality encountered along lateral well legs. The quantitative parameters generated are correlated with production levels using statistical analysis.

Field development
Clearwater Field development

Multivariate analysis is used to quantify well performance and this performance has been normalized by lateral length, completion type and time on production. With normalized well production, we analyze productivity and comment on best practices concerning drilling and completions along with key reservoir parameters and subsequent economic performance.

If interested in an exclusive portion or the whole of this study, please contact Chinook Consulting Services at (403) 242-1522.

Peter Bauman

Posted On:
March 13, 2020

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