Geothermal Energy Development

On August 22, 2019, Eavor Technology officially unveiled the ongoing development of Eavor-Lite Demonstration Project in Clearwater County, south of Rocky Mountain House in Central Alberta.


Eavor uses proprietary technology to develop scalable Baseload Power systems in Canada and internationally. The closed-loop system tap into deep geological formations to harvest heat and use in commercial heating solutions or electricity generation.

Eavor-Lite kick-off in Clearwater Country

A multitude of geothermal projects are currently underway or completed in Canada:

Other proposed projects:

Many technologies perfected in the oil and gas industry have practical application in geothermal developments. Transferable expertise and technologies open opportunities for oil patch workers and companies in renewable power projects. Other industries draw on knowledge amassed in oil and gas development over the years, to advance exploration and development of natural resources such as Lithium and Potash.

Examples of transferable technologies and approaches:

  • Horizontal drilling
  • Software assisted geosteering
  • 3D and 4D seismic interpretation
  • Precision reservoir mapping
  • Magnetic ranging
  • Under-balanced drilling
  • High-efficiency mud systems
  • Re-completions of existing deep wells
  • Re-purposing of existing pipeline network
  • Many other technologies and workflows

As technology evolves and is perfected, geothermal applications are expected to proliferate.

Chinook assists with Wellsite Geology, Reservoir Evaluation and Geosteering services tailored to geothermal applications in Canada and international markets.

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