File check-list for Geological Well Reports

  • Morning Report; Daily report, filled in daily, not printed but included in final report electronic files
  • Geological Report; Main report file
    • For vertical wells fill in: Well Data Summary; Formation Tops; Gas Shows; Daily Drilling Summary; Bit Record; Wireline Logging Report;
    • For directional wells, also fill in: Directional Surveys; Directional Prognosis; TVD Gamma in Chart Data, set up Vertical Section chart and Plan View chart;
    • For horizontal wells also fill in: Reservoir Breakdown, ROP+Gas+Gamma data for the lateral section in Chart Data; also set up build and horizontal charts;
    • If coring or running drill stem tests: worksheets are available in the final report, but are hidden by default (Format-Sheet-unhide);
  • Lithological descriptions: expanded and formatted sample descriptions (word document);
  • Well synopsis: use well synopsis included in final report (excel file), edit as necessary, add formation evaluation and remarks regarding drilling events (wellpath considerations, exceptional occurrences, deviations from the prognosis, etc)
  • For vertical and deviated wells: Vertical striplog
  • For horizontal wells: Vertical (build) striplog, Horizontal (lateral section) striplog, TVD Gamma log
  • For cored wells: Core log (1:48 scale); only if core is not sleeved


Data files
  • Gas and ROP curve data (LAS or ASCII); ROP in min/m, Total gas in units, light and heavy gas if available;
    • If using mudlogging unit, obtain LAS or ASCII with all gas curves (TG, C1 to C5) data as well as gas ratios (Bal, Wet, Char);
  • Drilling parameter data (LAS or ASCII); typically WOB, RPM, SPP, Torque
  • Wireline data: at least Gamma LAS file; preferably full parameter LAS file; for directional wells obtain TVD data as well
  • For directional and horizontal wells: survey txt file with extrapolation to bit;
    • Also slide sheet if available
  • Microscope drill cuttings photos for zones of interest; include 1 or 2 small size pictures in the lithological description file (word document) as well